Our Motivation

After Hurricane Harvey, Houston Stronger formed to work with federal, state and local officials on increasing funding for flood mitigation and flood-related infrastructure improvements. Houston Stronger worked with County Judge Ed Emmett to create the Fight Flooding PAC, a group of Harris County businesses, organizations, and individuals who came together to support the successful August 25th, 2019 passage of Proposition A. The bond proposed $2.5 billion in investment to equitably reduce Harris County’s flood risk by executing over 230 regional flood control projects in all of Harris County’s 23 watersheds.

Houston Stronger partners worked together with members of the Texas Legislature, like Senator Brandon Creighton and House Representative Dade Phelan, to pass Senate Bills 6, 7, and 8 during the 86th legislative session. Thanks to leadership from the Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Governor Greg Abbott, the bills passed overwhelmingly in both houses and provided over $2 billion in funding for flood control, recovery, and resiliency across Texas.

Houston Stronger continues to work with area elected officials and with officials at Harris County Flood Control and the City of Houston on flood recovery and mitigation.

Our Plan

We at Houston Stronger have  worked diligently to come up with a  61.55 billion dollar flood control plan that encompasses 12 independent projects that will  cover the entire Houston region and more.

About Us

Houston Stronger is a coalition of civic groups, business associations and active citizens from throughout the Texas Gulf Coast region dedicated to working with local, state and federal officials to implement a comprehensive regional flood control plan that safeguards our citizens and property.

Our goal is simple: to invest the resources required to help our entire region meet or exceed the 100-year flood plain standard. It is time for immediate action to finish the job that area leaders started to address in the 1940s, and FIX our drainage and flooding issues once and for all. We must act NOW.

Contact Houston Stronger

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out. We value your feedback here, and are all dedicated to making Houston Stronger.