Wednesday afternoon, Carolyn Dorros, Executive Committee Member and chairman of our Education and Workforce committee voiced WHA’s support for Harvey Relief package.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – More than five months after Hurricane Harvey, people from all over the Houston area continue to struggle and are in desperate need of finding to get back on their feet.

But that money is caught up in congress, and it seems Washington is not in a hurry to get it to those who need it hte most.

That was the question posed to lawmakers by a group of Houston City Council members who traveled to Capitol Hill Tuesday, worried that desperately needed Hurricane Harvey recovery dollars are tied up in politics.

Council members and Mayor Sylvester Turner asked Houston’s Senate and congressional representatives to fight for Houston and Harris County.

“We have to continue to advance our interest. Otherwise, we’re going to be short on the recovery,” Turner said.


Groups like the West Houston Association, an organization of local businesses leading a grass-roots effort for Harvey funding, say the City Council’s efforts in Washington are a step in the right direction.

“It’s great to have City Council involved to try to get this money to help us prepare for future events so the devastation that happened with Harvey doesn’t happen again,” said Carolyn Dorros, with the West Houston Association.

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